Realms of Reality

haunted woods

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Between the worlds 

of consciousness



exists the many


of the subconscious mind

Where dreams and thoughts

become one 

and emotions become images

that dance in the darkness


Strawberry Moon

Mystical mother moon

Flood me with your beautiful dreams

Of timeless memories from past and future

Intertwined and masterfully mixed

Into this one moment of silence bewitched

Gracing me with your empowerment

For I am more that my earthly story

And I am expansive beyond this narrative

That tries to hold me to its limitations

I am one with you and all of your dreams

Your wondrous ever changing color schemes

The surging passion that your magic brings

Envelope me in your hypnotic streams

Of arising consciousness

And new found dreams


Moths – by Linda Clark

Algebra Of Owls


All day they lie like corpses on sills, in corners
And masquerade as dust.

Night falls. I find them fluttering
Under my cats’ paws, describing perfect circles,
Their dance enticing
The very thing they fear,
Those longed-for claws.

Death cannot come too soon for them, it seems.
Rescued, they return. Consigned to darkness,
Cling to the window-glass,
Pink eyes afire with lust, the Undead, craving
That final, fatal light.

Linda lives on a windswept island off the coast of Kent with a variable number of cats – currently twelve. She’s been writing poetry since the age of thirteen when she embarrassed her mother by getting a dreadful one published in the newspaper. It began ‘Spring throws bluebells in the sky…’

More of her writing can be found at La Tour Abolie

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Lights Off

I have never liked to sleep alone
Not with the lights all out
The blackness holds its secrets
Something waits for me now
I have never liked to sleep alone
Not with the lights all off
When the motion of my body stops
The mind madness turns on

Past Love

The stars spill out

Over the black canvas

Of the magnifecent open sky

So ancient  and timeless

My thoughts  turn to you

and the love we once shared

decades ago

My heart warms

I wonder if you are looking  too

At the same stars in the sky

And if your thoughts ever

turn towards  me

So special  were the moments

We shared between  us two

Never surpassed or equaled

by any other lover

If I had known then

that you were the best of men

and that the connection  we had

was precious and rare

I would never have walked away

In search of better love

When the best of love

Was already in my hands

Savannah, Song Lyrics

Don’t scream Savannah

Even if you want to

Even if you must do

Even if you need to

Don’t scream Savannah

Even if he makes you

Even if it breaks you

Especially if the sky’s blue

Don’t scream Savannah

Whisper like I taught you

When the dark thoughts find you

Threatens to unwind you

Don’t quit Savannah

Some day you will break free

Find your way right to me

Don’t tell them that you see me

Don’t tell Savannah

It isn’t safe to cry out

Reach and turn the lights out

Just another pig snout

Don’t scream Savannah

I know you can see that

Shadow like a black cat

Crazy just runs through like that





Darkness Slithers

Darkness slides under the door

When the lights turn down

And the sun sinks far below

Familiar black form

Rises and floats

Disappears for a moment

Grey puffs of smoke

It’s presence ever felt

The creature

Suffocates and strangles

Crawls up the walls

Parades across the ceiling

Darting about and mocking

Bringing up fear like vomit

Draining your blood till you’re cold

Cursing  your heart

back into it’s fold

Beckoning like sirens that

Sing in the deep

Follows you into

That vulnerable sleep





The midnight wind swept her hair

Like silken darkness across her face

She glanced once from side to side

Then continued with bold strides

Across broken rocks and fallen branches


Her aching feet finally arriving

Toes pointed toward the black iron gates

Eliza removed an object from her bag

Moonlight splashing a reflection

Onto the cold steel of the barrel


She thrust as hard as her body could bare

And the object flung over the gates

Into the blackness of the overgrowth

That strangled the cemetary markers

Looking like strange alien spiders


The cold black steel disappeared

The evidence was swallowed up

Never to have existed in the first place

Eliza trembled at her imagination

Half with dread and half with remorse

That she could never pull the trigger

Even on that god forsaken monster


The sound of her name broke the silence

And echoed…

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Psychopathic Control Grid

Steamy fog sweaps upward

Swirls and settles around everything

I inhale and breath what’s in the air

Thick mist of people’s agenda

Mixing with whispers

and senseless chatter

And I find myself

Quickly exhaling the black soot

And choking on the stench

Of twisted reality and lies

False beliefs like viruses

Permeate neural pathways

And twist the minds

Of the masses…

All the while

the delusional creatures

Create more delusions

Which multiply rapidly

Spreading out like a puddle

Of pooling blood

At a murder scene ; because

After all…

There are many kinds of death

And the soul-less ones

Try to steal that which they don’t have

Only to

Crush the light out of

Those who’s souls they rip out

Lest the truth revealers

Reveal what they see

And poets write the words

Others may consider

That might reveal the true nature

Of reality

Which the soul-less ones

Want kept in the dark

For their very existance

Is dependent upon

Everyone consenting to

The altered reality

the shared psychosis

The one that masses speak

Into reality

Because the wolves said

It was true

And the suffering continues

As the dark ones profit

From the damage they cause

And the wars they start

Creating chaos and confusion

Dividing to conquer

Justifying the means

By way of their entitlement

To be the masters

Of their own fictional reality







Protect Your Poems: The Copyright Notice

Lonely Blue Boy

The Copyright Notice 

The protector of your poems 

Hello, poetry lovers!

I’ve noticed that some people have been adding copyright notices on every poem they make.

Or the classic “this poem is mine”no stealing”.

You can create a clear copyright notice on your site by following the steps below:

Step 1 

Go to Customize

Step 2

Go to Widgets

Step 3

Click “Add a Widget”

Step 4 

Scroll and look for “Text”

Step 5

Copy and paste this to your text widget

© [Full Name] and [Site Name], [Current Year or Year Range]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to [Your Name] and [Your Site Name] with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Step 6

Set the title of…

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